About Dastarkhawn.pk

Dastarkhawn.pk is one of the core projects of Services International Trust. Services International Trust is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of humanity. The idea of Free Food Distribution was first conceived by Professor Habib Khan Muslim (Late) in 2004 with a basic purpose of providing free food to the poor in a respectable manner.

The idea was transformed into a reality when he started a Dastar Khawn Fee Sabeelillah (Free Food Distribution for the sake of Allah’s pleasure) on 14th Of May 2004. The project was registered as Services International Trust, a non-profit organization, on 14th of March 2011 with the objectives to contribute toward welfare of Humanity in the best possible way.

At present we are serving more than 2200 people at 12 different loacations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi which include PIMS, Poly Clinic Hospital, Ali Medical, F-6, F-7/2, F-8, G-8, G-9, Said Pur Village, Golra More, Gawalmandi, and Rawat, on daily basis. The month of Ramadan holds a special place in Islam. Last year we served more than 70,000 people in sehri and iftari during the Ramadan Kareem and this year we are planning to serve even more.