Ramadan Dastarkhawn

Sehr-o-Iftar Ramadan

Dastarkhawn.pk has been arranging Sehr-o-Iftar Fee Sabeelillah during the holy month of Ramadan. Last year we arranged Iftari at 12 Dastarkhawns where more than 70,000 people served and we arranged Sehri at Poly Clinic Hospital where more than 10,000 people were served collectively in Ramadan Kareem.

This year we have a plan to arrange Iftar Fee Sabeelillah on more than 12 locations and Sehr Fee Sabeelillah at Poly Clinic Hospital. We are expecting increasing number of guest..

Additional funds are needed in Ramadan as Iftar items are added in menu along with the regular meal served on Dastarkhawns. Our per meal cost of Ramadan meal increased form Rs. 50 to Rs. 100. Therefore we request you to donate generously in Ramadan Kareem to ensure that Sehr-o-Iftar Fee Sabeelillah to facilitate maximum people during this holy month.